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Published on: Allgemein

The risk is under control

risk on mind® GmbH uses a 5-steps plan and develops an Analysis-program that quickly gives companies a comprehensive overview of their risk potential. In this way, it ensures that all internal and external dangers are correctly assessed and managed.

Fire, machinery breakdown, natural catastrophes, hacker attacks, market uncertainty and related delivery bottlenecks, contract violations, damage of company building or property etc. - there is no Full Casco insurance for industrial companies. And that is fine. Because every company is individual and complex and has its own specific risk factors. These factors must be meticulously determined, precisely analyzed, monetarily valued, if possible, switched off, minimized or if this is not feasible, economically secured. That is exactly why we developed and tested a 5-steps plan that takes into consideration all specific challenges. It identifies five to seven core risks that you can exclude from your economic path of success. We support you to have those events, damages and breakdowns, that can endanger your company, under control. Like that:

1. Analyze:
Do you know which physical and intangible risks can endanger your company? We analyze all your internal processes and assess their risk potential. Since we support complete and company-wide risk management, we naturally also take external risk potential such as flood, fire, cyber etc. into consideration.

2. Assess:
We categorize and prioritize your risk potential and evaluate it according to the economic relevance for your company. We therefore quantify possible damage with monetary values, calculate the likelihood of occurrence and go into the individual claim history, maintenance records, etc. Industry comparisons and alternative options are also included to check feasibility and cost.

3. Protect:
We develop appropriate control measures, a risk strategy plan, to eliminate some of your risks immediately, and mitigate, if possible, those that cannot be eliminated. You can rely on our years of experience, our industry knowledge, our technical know-how and our creativity.

4. Record:
We document your entire risk landscape: We record where your risks are in a transparent, complete and comprehensible manner. The “frozen current status” is the basis to measure the success of risk management procedure. This shows what we have improved together, and which risks remain. This can be your significant advantage for a later negotiation with insurance.

5. Monitoring:
We monitor and revise regularly risk potential and reassess it if necessary. This is how we sustainably limit your risks and ensure your operational safety, so that you always stay on the safe side.

Example: Fire
What does that mean for your company? How likely is a fire event in your own company? Is that kind of a damage of your property not covered, or it is partially or entirely covered? Can damage be reduced, for example, by a new sprinkler system or by reducing fire areas? How long can production stand still without endangering the company‘s continued existence? What financial losses can be tolerated? Which obligations can’t be served anymore, and when? Will your insurer continue to insure you in the future? - It takes a lot of time to think through and answer such questions conscientiously for all possible risks. Precious time. That is why we have also developed a program that categorizes internal and external threats, takes statistical probabilities into account and weighs your company risk. At a glance, we present your risk potential in a well-founded and comprehensive manner. If circumstances or probability of occurrence change, such as the flood or avalanche zone, a reliable reassessment is possible quickly. This way, you won‘t be left out in the cold, if there is a fire or another unpredictable event.

risk on mind® GmbH

  • independent: We analyze, evaluate and manage your risks independently, for a safe future.
  • comprehensive: We bring your individual data together with statistical parameters
    and standardized procedures for the best possible mapping of your operational risks.
  • profitable: Our consulting and our recommendations pay off briefly, for every company.