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Published on: Allgemein

Optimize risk management digitally: Increase efficiency and informative value

Those who optimize their risk management digitally are ahead of the game: Risks are identified more broadly, risk potentials can be adjusted at any time, and even a comparison with industry-specific and cross-industry data is always possible at the push of a button. Your advantage: Every risk, no matter how small, is monitored in real time in the digital overview.

Digital data collection and risk monitoring take the burden away
Comprehensive digital risk management ranges from company-wide risk identification over assessment of risks and their documentation to clear risk reporting at the push of a button. Software support like rismo ensures that no potential risk is forgotten, systematically compares own entries with statistical data and with all relevant developments and supports holistic analysis and assessment. This provides structure and clarity, relieves employees, and creates a transparent interface to external risk consultants as well as brokers and insurers. Thanks to digital risk management, all risk experts have an overview of the identified potential dangers always in real time. At the same time, the effectiveness of measures taken can be continuously monitored and evaluated. And you can include information and data from more diverse sources and incorporate them into the analysis. The result: Always up-to-date risk reports that are comprehensible and form the basis for further decisions.

Brokers and insurers as digital risk partners
Insurance is no longer a rigid product. In fact, brokers and insurers becoming more and more risk partners for every company. The best individual protection and the optimal coverage, if something does happen, are the focus. This requires individuality and complexity in order to identify the specific risks, to evaluate them correctly, to steer and protect them in a manner that makes sense. That is why trust, openness and a joint language are the preconditions for a successful basis. The digital risk management system rismo can provide the foundation for this: You quickly enter company-specific data. rismo provides a highly individual, comprehensive, and precise risk presentation at the push of a button. It transparently presents company-specific risks at any time and provides a precise overview of the existing risk potentials and their value for the company. Comprehensive, traceable and exact, this software solution combines own risks with basic statistic data. The results are presented in a transparent, understandable and joint way. They cannot be sugarcoated or made to fit. Therefore, well-known insurances also trust in rismo‘s clear results and holistic recommended actions. One thing is certain: the correct notification and assessment of circumstances and risks is all about ensuring that a company is properly insured in the case of a claim. In the long run, this saves time, money and nerves - on both sides!

2021: Digital risk in view from the beginning of the year
rismo revolutionized risk management across industries and simplified the work of in-house risk managers, experts, brokers, and insurance companies. You can rely on the proven support of rismo right from the start of the year. A comprehensive, traceable and precise risk assessment that is digitally available and can be updated at any time. This is the only way for you as a company to know where you stand in terms of risk. And you as a broker or insurer assess the risk of your customers holistically and correctly.