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Published on: Allgemein

Wide certified education in risk management

Benefit from training and seminars about all subject of risk management, with the content entirely tailored to your needs. Already from five people on site or via „Microsoft Teams“.

risk on mind GmbH puts high importance to top training of employees and touring knowledge updates in order to remain the number 1 risk partner. To ensure that you, too, are on the safe side in terms of risk and can use the support of state-of-the-art technology in the best possible way for this purpose, we offer excellent training and education for companies, insurance companies and partners.


Consulting, coaching and training
As consultants and experts in all risk situations in operations and risk-related issues, we are happy to pass on our know-how - first and foremost to industrial and commercial enterprises. Our goal: You recognize dangers in time, estimate them correctly, control them or secure residual risks economically, evaluate your measures and can use future opportunities. We also show you how valuable it is to compare your company‘s own risk values with basic statistical data in order to have a holistic view of the risk and to operate in a future-proof and cost-conscious manner. Whether business interruption or machinery breakdown, hazards such as natural disasters, fire, explosion, cyber or from liability and their specific features - choose from the wide range of training and learn:

  • to understand interrelationships and get familiar with standards, definitions and clauses.
  • possibilities and alternatives of risk management.
  • to use basic statistical data for your risk management, present risks mathematically and assess them quantitatively.
    darzustellen und quantitativ einzuschätzen.
  • tips from practical experience.

Excellent training with advantage
The risk on mind academy has been certified with the „Gütesiegel Weiterbildung Versicherungsmakler und Berater in Versicherungsangelegenheiten“ and also with the „Gütesiegel Weiterbildung Versicherungsagenten”. In addition, our training and continuing education program is IDD-certified. This means that insurance brokers, with participating to our seminars, get the corresponding IDD hours. As a recognized educational institution, we contribute to quality and transparency in insurance matters for commercial enterprises and promote professional development in risk awareness and risk management in all industries. In addition, we are active in the design of training and further education at university institutions, testing centers and other further education institutions, as well as through lectures and presentations.

Are you interested in our range of training courses or would you like tailor-made training units for your company? We will be happy to provide you with more information.