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Transparent risk overview at the touch of a button

Comprehensible and exact. Simple and fast. Backed up with data and facts. - The Austrian software „rismo“ for risk assessment and risk presentation is writing a success story and conquering one large company after the next.

Enter. Evaluate. Act.
Never before was it so easy to record all potential hazards of a company quickly and conveniently, to display them transparently and clearly, to evaluate probabilities and to define action plans. rismo revolutionises every risk management. No matter how well a company is already set up or how large it is. Entrepreneurs and insurers benefit equally from this comprehensive digital risk management solution.

Customers also have their say - across all sectors
It is impressive that rismo was able to win the trust of many customers even before the first release. Customer wishes were already considered during development. rismo is software from practice for practice, combining common sense, expertise and experience. Since the release of rismo, enquiries from companies have been increasing rapidly. Best of all, it meets the needs and expectations of businesses in all sectors. Whether industrial or commercial - regardless of the sector, all parameters required for qualitative risk management can be entered and checked, risk trees and actions can be individually compiled according to company-specific requirements, and the company hierarchy can be mapped as desired. That is unique.

Acting quickly and correctly pays off.
In risk management it is clear: it is a matter of necessary action, an investment. The faster and more targeted, the better. Future-oriented and forward-looking is the investment in comprehensive risk management, which provides an up-to-date risk overview anytime and digitally documents it. It costs much more to repair the damage and to act after it already happened. With the latter, the investment will be significantly higher and, in addition, there is the risk that a company will lose customers, permanent image damage will remain and further non-monetary damage will burden the company.

Time is money. Also when it comes to risk assessment.
Rismo was developed so that exactly this does not happen and the effort for holistic risk management for companies is kept within limits or even pays off quickly. The software ensures continuous digitalised risk recording and, in addition it saves money for loss remediation, above all it saves time in risk analysis, data entry, data evaluation, documentation and reporting as well as in sustainable monitoring.

The simple and user-friendly interface is what makes rismo stand out. There is no need for a long introduction or software training. On the contrary, you can concentrate intuitively on your company-specific data.

rismo combines your business risk figures with the know-how and expertise of the risk on mind® experts and profound statistical basic data. This gives you the most individual, comprehensive and accurate risk presentation for your company at the push of a button.

Average time savings of 40 percent
Risk management departments of larger industrial clients report that they can quickly familiarise themselves with the software and implement it in the company (cloud solution). As soon as all relevant historical data has been preassigned, the system pays for itself after only 3 to 4 months.

Here are more examples of what rismo brings to risk managers, entrepreneurs, insurers and brokers:

  • Client reports in the insurance-related environment note a time saving of between 40 and 50 percent by using the rismo risk software.
  • In entrepreneurial risk management, risk managers report considerable time savings, especially when preparing quarterly and annual reports.
  • Risk managers who repeatedly record risks at their clients‘ premises also speak of a time saving of more than 40 percent.
  • In addition, brokers state that the support in sales talks provided by the striking and simple presentation as well as the statistical risk pre-assessment of rismo is invaluable.

Numbers don‘t lie. rismo puts the facts on the table.
Figures are precise, open the eyes to potential dangers and provide direction, especially when they are combined with basic statistical data. With rismo, entrepreneurs use the extensive and meaningful statistical values of the past 20 years provided by risk on mind® and compare them digitally and at the push of a button with their own company data and risk potentials. In this way, they can quickly and easily preassign probabilities of occurrence and extent data and know exactly where their company stands in respect of risk anytime. The add-on „rismo forms“ also makes it possible to recall existing questionnaires and to make risk assessments more objective.

You can find out more about rismo at:

You can find out more about rismo at:
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Numbers, data and facts

A quick glance: What rismo can do

  • records risks easily, intuitively and quickly, maps the company- specific risk tree, presents results clearly and evaluates them.
  • presents specific risk assessments using a NACE code from the statistics.
  • compares risk potentials of different locations, maps trends and time courses of risk states and thus the effectiveness of actions and - according to company-specific needs - allows necessary measures and actions to be read and set.
  • flexibly adapts risk potentials and presents them clearly in heat maps.
  • reduces the time required for risk management.
  • compares company-specific data with current basic statistical data.
  • communicates clearly and comprehensively within the company and between the company, risk manager, insurance company and broker.
  • reports automatically, clearly and quickly at the push of a button, in compliance with standards, IDD and DSGVO.
  • is accepted by brokers and reputable insurance companies.
  • is available in many languages.