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Published on: Allgemein

risk on mind® consulting professionals: "We find solutions, not problems."

Wir finden Lösungen, nicht Probleme!

Consulting team of risk on mind® shows entrepreneurs which risks could become dangerous to their business, which strategies make sense to eliminate, minimize or economically secure them and how they can save time, money and nerves in the long run.

They are not treasure hunters, but the risk experts from risk on mind® know exactly where to find them in companies. " Targeted, with the most modern methods and extraordinary approaches, we track down all risks from the top risks, which can cause by far the most damage to the company, to even the smallest potential danger and show how and to what extent they can become dangerous," explains Stephan Dorner. He leads consulting team of risk on mind® GmbH and is convinced that good risk management is the be-all and end-all in every company.

Holistic risk management secures the future of the company
It's not easy for businesses to keep up with ongoing changes, keep an eye on the wide range of hazards and damage potential, and remain profitable at the same time. "We support companies with holistic and company-wide risk management, known as enterprise risk management (ERM). We look at insurable and non-insurable risks, estimate the company-specific risk appetite, evaluate the risks, manage them economically and meaningfully, ensure compliance with all legal requirements and carry out ongoing monitoring processes so that everything runs smoothly in the future," says Stephan Dorner, showing how the consulting team at risk on mind® keeps companies fit and offers risk management from A to Z from a single source.

Modern methods create financial advantage
"We bring in an open-minded, know the individual industries and know where we need to take a closer look," continues Marina Rubil. She has also been an experienced member of the risk on mind® consulting experts for years: "The earlier we are brought on board, the better. Many risks can be eliminated quickly, easily and cost-effectively. If a company comes to a standstill, significant loss occurs rapidly. Cleaning up the broken pieces is always a far bigger work - and not only financially," Marina Rubil explains.

risk on mind® professionals keep an overview even in exceptional situations
As a resilient team, risk on mind® experts are able to deal with any operational situation appropriately and keep an overview even in cases of damage, because for them such exceptional situations are routine. "In case of loss, we quickly find the cause, analyze it in detail, track down similar situations or hazards in order to prevent the loss in the future, and make sure that an operation gets back to an improved 'pre-loss state' as quickly as possible, because that's when time really is the money," says risk on mind® consultant Martin Lanznaster.

The golden path: making risks visible and calculable
Rely on the risk on mind® risk professionals and let them convince you about the effectiveness of a transparent enterprise risk management process that aims to identify all company's risks and to plan the necessary risk budget on time.

With passion, know-how, experience and vision ...

  • we detect all your risk potentials.
  • we analyze and evaluate your existing risks.
  • we develop strategies together with you to eliminate and reduce your potential risks.
  • we ensure that all defined measures are implemented and are cost-effective for you.
  • we determine which risks cannot be minimized and assist in their sensible mitigation.
  • we draw up a risk management plan and ensure continuous monitoring.
  • we prepare your company for a crisis with a business continuity plan.
  • we are always available for you when "the roof is on fire".

Numbers, data and facts

risk on mind®-Enterprise Risk Management Consulting-Process