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About Us

A strong team for innovative approaches and exceptional thinking

Our Target

As the only risk consulting firm in Europe to be 100% independent, our mission is simple: to support and safeguard our clients without compromise in order to achieve meaningful results and change based on thorough analysis, evaluation and presentation of all risk potentials.

Our Values

We at risk on mind® set a high standard for ourselves; fairness, honesty, integrity and sustainability!

Founded in 2018, risk on mind® is an innovative, internationally operating company for modern GRC management. We provide high quality GRC consulting services, enterprise risk management and digital risk assessment solutions for the industry. Our customized digital platform rismo®, provides state-of-the-art digitalized risk assessments and optimal representation of all insurable and non-insurable risk potentials. Translated with (free version)

Our Headquarter

The headquarters of risk on mind® are located in Vienna. From here we manage a large part of our projects and steer the development of our software rismo®.

The majority of our customers are large companies with numerous international locations. Personal support is a central component of our corporate strategy. Our consultants therefore travel around the world to serve our customers and conduct site visits.

Our Network

Since 2023, risk on mind® has therefore been expanding internationally through the development of a network of secondary locations and more intensive cooperation within a risk on mind® partner network.

This is how we live sustainability, local support for our customers on site and building/exchanging critical know-how.



A strong company needs strong leadership!

Our company places great value on a leadership culture based on mutual respect, trust and open communication. We believe that open communication with our employees and our customers offers the key to future success.

The quality of our work, our independent position and our innovative spirit speak for us!


Stephan Dorner

CEO and founder of risk on mind®
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Markus Oswald

CTO and Head of Development rismo®
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