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GRC Consulting

risk on mind® stands for standard-compliant and modern GRC management on a digital basis. The methods of analysis, identification, evaluation and reporting use the latest technologies and scientific calculation models.

We practice GRC consulting with heart and soul. We know the current challenges of companies and the advantages of an active and holistic GRC management. We want to make our knowledge, experience and the great economic potential of excellent GRC management independently available to our clients and thus contribute to making business enterprises stronger and more resilient.

We design individually tailored solutions for corporate governance, risk protection concepts and compliance strategies, and ensure the safe and proper establishment of holistic GRC processes in a company. This is the only way that comprehensive GRC management can protect against damage and high investment losses.

GRC - done right!

Effective GRC creates processes and systems that enable risk-conscious decisions at all levels. It's about giving all stakeholders access to the same high-quality, real-time data so they can share knowledge and collaborate on actions. An outstanding GRC approach.

Corporate Governance

  • Analysis of business structure and management processes
  • Development of an economic and sustainable risk policy in accordance with legal requirements and internal company standards & values
  • Implementation of sustainable and economically viable structures
  • Transparent communication
  • Monitoring

Integrated Risk Management 

  • Risk assessment of the entire risk landscape
  • IDD & standard compliant
  • digitally supported
  • basic statistical data & probabilistic risk simulations
  • transparent & easy to use
  • automated reporting
  • economic & sustainable action strategies
  • 100% risk on mind® support

Corporate Compliance

  • Company-internal mapping of all risks & legally binding measures
  • Development of a sustainable & systematic compliance system
  • Employee education, information & training

Insurance Compliance

  • Optimal representation of all insurable and non-insurable risks of the risk portfolio
  • Development of a sustainable, economical and effective risk strategy
  • Optimal insurance coverage, in place of an all-in mentality
  • Monitoring
  • Communication with insurance companies and brokers
  • Support in the event of damage

Many legal foundations oblige companies to take risk management measures. More information on actors and prescribed obligations in the corporate context can be found here.


  • GRC management defines a common vocabulary for all disciplines.
  • Creates a single transparent database.
  • Standardizes processes, practices, and policies.
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration.