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We have developed a unique platform that combines common sense, expertise and experience!

rismo® risk modeller

Want to stay on top of your risk?
In addition to our consulting services, we have developed rismo®, a software specifically designed to keep track of your risk portfolio. Our in-house software solution rismo® was developed in collaboration with our experts to provide you with state-of-the-art insights for your risk management!
We use this software in-house, but also offer it as a licensed solution.

In addition, we offer RAT (Risk Analysis Tool), an in-house software tool for quantitative risk analysis. Quantitative risk analysis is the key to objective risk assessment and for determining the risks relevant to management. This software product is only used in-house in the course of our consulting projects.


Why digital risk analysis with rismo®?

rismo® Dashboard

Our rismo® dashboard provides:

Clear overview dashboard of your entire risk portfolio.
Availability of several individual filter and display options
cross-customer overview.

rismo® Risk Assessment 

Our rismo® risk assessment allows:

Individually designable risk hierarchies.
Risk assessment and insurance classification at different levels.
Statistical data support according to operation type by risk on mind ®.

rismo® Heatmap

Make your risk visible!

Heatmap of the risk situation according to ONR4900.
Various filter and display options.
Setting of actions.
1-Click report creation.


  • From risk managers for risk managers!
  • Digitization of risk potential creates central overview and comparability.
  • Uniform reporting for different applications.
  • Objective risk assessment thanks to the statistical data of the risk on mind statistics department.
  • Automation of risk assessment, taking into account all risk factors.
  • Fulfillment of the requirements of the GDPR.
  • Standards & IDD-compliant (ISO 31000, ISO 22301, ONR 4900, ISO 27001).
  • Data security and transparency.
  • Workflow optimization - making employee resources more effective.
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