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Construction & Real Estate

Due Diligence

The purchase of properties is closely related to unresolved risk potential.

Our risk on mind experts will check the potential of your real estate investment and assess the risks stemming from all technical and natural hazard areas.

Comprehensive consulting regarding residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Project Management 

Is your construction project built in compliance with the contractual agreements?

risk on mind ® accompanies your project. We monitor and ensure the implementation of the project according to the contractual agreement.

Construction specification, tendering, pre-contract coordination, contract negotiations, awarding and implementation, as well as acceptance.


Make sure to know the value of your property!

We determine these values for insurance purposes in your interest.

We focus on building value analysis, furnishing value analysis and BU coverage.

Preventing damage, so that in the event of a loss
everything is insured.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is an integral part of every building as well as a crucial factor in every risk management process. The topic of fire protection must meet all the requirements of modern technology, and include the ideas of third parties (insurance companies).

We advise you comprehensively! From creating your fire protection design, tendering, implementation, up to its approval.


  • risk on mind® experts are familiar with dealing with risk in a wide variety of risk regions. Comprehensive support for your construction project is thus guaranteed.
  • Cost savings through targeted analysis when purchasing real estate.
  • Optimization of ongoing construction projects through targeted communication between all stakeholders.
  • Risk identification in a timely manner prior to the realization of any damages.
  • BCM for construction projects ensures a timely plan B.
  • Meeting completion deadlines and advising on any alternative solutions such as ALOP coverages.
  • Ensuring optimal fire protection designs for any risk transfer.
  • Optimization of tender documents and associated cost savings (depending on the project, up to 50% cost savings compared to the initial tender).
  • Accompaniment of projects by experienced experts from different branches.