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Here are some of our current partners with whose help some projects have already been implemented to the fullest satisfaction of the customers, and which, of course are still continuously supervised!

Those responsible for large-scale projects must deal with the understanding and the increasingly complex and organizational framework. With that the development and implementation of established methods getting more difficult. The aim is to use the risk management system to identify problems in the planning and construction phase of large projects and to show cost increases and delays earliest and manage them. The development of new approaches, the consideration about management processes and the development of regulations in combination with the development and simulation of construction processes offer a quantitative research potential. Based on theoretical understanding the goal is to prepare development results for real project usage. In this way, the validation is confirmed in practice.

RiskConsult has broad experience in risk management for large infrastructure projects such as tunnels, railways, airports and hydropower plants. In addition, RiskConsult has expertise in probabilistic risk modeling and quantification and in performing probabilistic risk analyzes. RiskConsult uses the probabilistic risk analysis tools PRAT and RIAAT, which were developed on the basis of many years of experience in the processing of large infrastructure projects.