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Risk Management and Assessment
(ISO 27001, 31000 und ONR4900 u.f.)

Risk Analysis

What risks can affect your company?

What are the relevant risk regions - uninsurable and insurable?

An analysis of your risks is the basis for every further risk management activity.
Therefore, particular care is required to derive an absolute maximum from the results.


Assessment is key!

Risk assessment from the gut can be extremely dangerous for risk management. Any omissions will lead to increased loss potential too - intensive measures will reduce cost efficiency.

Quantitative assessment of risk potential allows to narrow down the TOP risks.


This is how you win!

Control in the right place can quickly turn risk into a lucrative opportunity.

            • Eliminate
            • Reduce
            • Transfer
            • Accept

You have it in your hands! Thanks to our sophisticated risk on mind transparency!


Like your operations, risks are subject to ongoing change - are you prepared for it?

The changes in the risk landscape should be kept at the state of the art in the same way as your operating facilities. 

Keep an overview! Save costs and keep the risk potential sustainably manageable.

future success!


  • With 80+ years of combined experience and > 5,000 risk assessments on 5 continents, our experts have extensive industry and insurance knowledge and have sufficient comparative capabilities.
  • The unique statistic database of risk on mind® enables an objective risk assessment.
  • Assessment of uninsurable and insurable risk potential.
  • Overview of all your business processes and risk potentials.
  • Uncovering risk potentials proactively will protect against uncertain loss potential.
  • Increase of risk awareness in the company.
  • Optimal positioning for risk transfer (insurances, banks, outsourcing, production changes).