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Claims Management


Every loss presents a company with special challenges!

If you have created a BCM with risk on mind, we will support you in implementing this plan in the event of a loss.

If a BCM has not yet been drawn up, the experts at risk on mind can use their experience to implement alternatives quickly and purposefully by means of improvisation.


After the damage is the start of a new beginning!

When recovering from damage, many contributing factors must be taken into account.
Determine the causes of the damage to be able to exclude any consequential damage or at least greatly limit its impact.

Insurance / Recourse

Who is responsible for a damage and what are the economic consequences?

In addition to the challenge of reconstruction, there is also the question of cost regarding damage-related factors.

In addition, we take the pressure out of negotiations. This prevents quick and unplanned construction.

Emergency Management

Fast action to reduce the consequences of losses!

In the event of a loss, we are available immediately to document any incidents, implement BCM, take loss-minimizing measures, and manage settlements.

Depending on the location, our experts can be with you between 6 and 48 hours after notification.


  • risk on mind® experts are highly experienced in dealing with industrial insurance and know the insurance market inside out. We can also point out a wealth of experience in loss events.
  • Fast support in the event of a loss by experts in the technical and insurance fields. 
  • BCM implementation directly from the creator of the plan.
  • Extensive knowledge of claims handling and expenses related to it.
  • Overview of all significant factors of a loss and all related stakeholders.
  • Fast action by our experts. Offers control and lead to an optimal economic result.
  • In the event of a loss, we ensure fair compensation with regard to the insured amounts.
  • Recourse claims are analyzed and addressed accordingly.
  • Reconstruction with focus on optimal transferability and with regards to future-oriented aspects.