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Published on: Allgemein

LOC Holz GmbH - Affordable Insurance Coverage through Smart Risk Planning with risk on mind®

LOC Holz GmbH is an innovative company located in Upper Austria, specializing in the production of solid wood building elements made from cross-laminated timber. Sustainability, high quality, and climate neutrality are central elements of the company's philosophy.

The wood industry is a sector with elevated risks, especially in terms of fire protection. For this reason, specific structural protective measures are necessary. However, these measures, along with regulatory requirements, can impact production efficiency if the technical concepts are not carefully developed and planned from the beginning.

As a risk-conscious operation, LOC Holz GmbH has chosen to collaborate with an experienced partner company in this regard. Together with Mr. Stephan Dorner, CEO of risk on mind GmbH, a comprehensive concept for smart risk planning was developed and implemented. But what does smart risk planning entails? First and foremost, it involves a solid technical understanding of what is genuinely needed in a company. Which facilities need to be included in the planning; what is the future outlook; what requirements do authorities and insurers have, and what data needs to be collected?

It's impossible to know EVERYTHING by yourself. An expert in timber construction may not be a specialist in fire protection. To compare quotes from sprinkler installers regarding scope, quality, and costs, a precise concept must be developed and defined in advance of a tender. This specific knowledge is often lacking within the company. Seeking professional support from the outset, pays off in finding the right partners. Moreover, in the ongoing project implementation, professional coordination and communication with various contractors are of great value.

In the case of LOC Holz GmbH, a new production hall was constructed - a linked facility consisting of a single hall with approximately 16,000m². This hall completely avoids the need for protective walls that could restrict production. Instead, it is equipped with a sophisticated system of sprinklers and fire aprons. Building such a production facility in this form was, according to Mr. Lauß, co-shareholder of LOC Holz GmbH, a special challenge.

"When a project works, everything is easy," emphasizes Mr. Lauß. However, for this large project to function smoothly, risk on mind GmbH played a crucial role: In addition to solid technical expertise, risk on mind, as a consulting company, emphasizes continuous communication and a good relationship with authorities. This proactive approach on equal footing reduces costs, enhances operational safety, and improves relationships with partners and insurers. By collecting risk data to create targeted risk reports, doubts and obstacles can be cleared, ensuring a smooth project flow.

In reality, many businesses often build without comprehensive planning, only to realize that this lack of foresight results in future massive costs due to reduced productivity and escalating insurance premiums. Sarah Raus, customer service representative at RVM Versicherungsmakler GmbH in the area of large enterprises and industry, sees the current situation as follows:

The situation in the insurance market has undergone significant changes. Due to rising reinsurance costs and increasing claim payments, insurers are becoming increasingly restrictive in assuming various risks. This trend is further intensified by the inherently higher risk in the wood industry. Therefore, it is often challenging to establish a good insurance concept, especially in the wood industry.

But how did the insurance situation unfold for LOC Holz GmbH? Sarah Raus (RVM Versicherungsmakler GmbH) was tasked with finding a suitable insurance provider.

In the case of LOC Holz GmbH, we had the peculiarity of it being a new construction with an excellent fire protection concept. We were able to demonstrate to the insurers that the quality of risk and risk awareness at LOC Holz GmbH was very high. The risk report from risk on mind was immensely helpful as documentation. With all risk data and the explanation of fire protection perfectly prepared, we could directly enter into negotiations with the insurers.

From my perspective, the efforts in risk management have paid off. Many insurers were interested in providing an offer, and due to the multitude of providers, we could assemble an optimal insurance concept for the client.

My conclusion: An investment in fire protection is inevitable – primarily for the continuity of operations and subsequently for the creation of financial security through an insurance solution.

In summary, smart risk planning brings significant advantages and savings potentials. It is worth to have a reliable partner, such as risk on mind, on your side, weather in terms of costs, safety, or smooth communication with suppliers, authorities, and insurers. Smart risk planning is a crucial component to make companies fit and secure for the future. As Mr. Lauß summarized: "The goal is not for the business to suffer damage from a fire, and then the insurance pays! That's the worst-case scenario. I want to keep the damage as small as possible, preferably have no damage at all, so I don't even get into that situation. All of this is for our own safety and our own peace of mind!"