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Published on: Allgemein

Learn from Data, not from Mistakes!

Digital risk management-solutions provide significant added value for classified and always up-to-date view of a company‘s risks as well as effective control opportunities on time.

The keyword of our time - digitization - has been even more important since Covid-19. Right. It is letting us to produce more flexibly and grapes new opportunities, develop fresh business models and enable us to react better to specific customer requirements. No wonder that a lot of founding is currently being offered and that politics are currently pushing this topic very hard. But: Anyone who takes new steps, improves their IT, or introduces more modern machines, is also taking new risks at the same time. And this must be incorporated quickly and comprehensively into the previous risk structure. Digital risk management solutions offer a relief that should not be underestimated.

Statistical data as a meaningful basis
Anyone who tries to estimate internal or external operational risks “from the stomach feeling” will (must) sooner or later learn from this mistake. The better way is to learn from data and identify potential risks in advance. A company that digitally records its risk analysis results receives a well-founded overview that can be updated quickly and easily and can control its risks more effectively. And: the data are even more valid - cannot be twisted. If the own data and risk potential are compared with well-founded statistical background data, a company knows exactly where it stands. It can rely on wider data sources whose are based on the industry, the region, or the location. This optimizes the risk analysis and makes the evaluation more readable and transparent because the large computing power takes place in the background. Necessary measures can be designed faster and more economically.

Benefits of digital risk management
A great benefit of digital risk management is the standardized data structure: what is entered can be used again. The data are clear, explicit, and specified. They are also comparable: Company data can be filtered and are quickly and easily compatible with basic statistical data. An example: For a new factory building, such comparative data can be used to make recommendations on how to build, so that the new location is on the safe side regarding the risk from the start. The results of the calculations can also be used to derive internal, targeted controls so that, for example, different branches or production facilities can learn from each other.

Digitize risk now - For years risk on mind® has continuously invested in an even better digital representation of all relevant factors for holistic risk management. In this way, the risk experts give to the company simple, comprehensible, transparent, and effective tools. Special feature: the specially developed solution contains comprehensive statistical background data that significantly optimize digital risk management. Your advantage: new risks can be easily added, and an up-to-date overview of the company‘s own risk structure can be quickly given. In a long term, this saves a lot of time, money, and nerves.